“Last year was our Liam’s first year at St. John’s, and I watched closely to how the instructors handled my curious and extremely active son. I was blown away by the level of respect they showed him. They mirrored the language that my husband and I use with our children. He quickly learned to respect them and himself.

After the year was complete, due to the distance we live from St. John’s and our financial situation, we reluctantly decided to switch to a Montessori school near our home. The day before class started I asked to come observe. I soon realized that this new school didn’t even compare to St. John’s. When I walk into a classroom at St. John’s, the children are diligently working, they are happy, they are independent, they are in rhythm with one another. When I walked into the room at my children’s new school I witnessed a very different atmosphere: a lack of dignity in which the instructors spoke to their students and no room for individuality or understanding. I had the gut feeling of “this is just not right,” and I immediately called St. John’s to tell them we want to come back home.

God brought our family to St. John’s and this is where he wanted us to stay. I was moved to tears when we returned and walked through the newly renovated classrooms and were greeted by such personable and loving teachers and parents. Not only was my son bombarded by hugs from his friends, but when I returned at the end of the day, his teacher was excited to share with me all the ways she was getting to know my son. I felt like she knew him after three hours.

Time and money are hard sacrifices to make. St. John’s was more than generous in helping our family. The sacrifice of driving eighty minutes in the car every day is so worth the education, love, and respect my son is getting every day. Thank you, Lord, for being so obvious with us about where to send our family.”

-Gina D.

“I see the things that they are learning being applied everyday at home–and not just the practical life skills. I see them ask questions that demonstrate a desire to deepen their knowledge on a topic, confidence when sharing what they know with another child or with an adult, a true depth of understanding of the concepts and knowledge they have learned, the list goes on.”

-Andrea M.

“At school our son is learning self-discipline and learning how to teach himself. These are lifelong skills that are invaluable and such an imporant part of growing up.”

-Marie & David

“Teddy is a completely different child here than he was at his previous child care provider. He is independent, motivated, focused, and a bit head strong. He has confidence in his work and finds it very important. He has purpose in his day and something that is his.”


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