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Volunteering is vital to the success of St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School, and we welcome and encourage your ideas and efforts. There are many opportunities to volunteer and as each family’s time constraints/availability vary, we offer a variety of opportunities so that you may choose the investment in your child’s education that is right for you.

We strive to have everyone involved and volunteering, but also recognize that the season you are in may not allow you to be at school volunteering.  Perhaps you are able to work on something at home?  Perhaps you have a gift you would like to share that hasn’t been a need we have even thought of yet!  Whatever the case, we want you involved!  We want to partner with you and honor the place you hold as primary educators of your children. 

Because of the fundamental understanding that “it takes a village” we are not requiring a certain number of hours in volunteering.  We want you to be involved in our community so please prayerfully consider in what way/capacity you are being called!

Keeping Our Children Safe

All volunteers working directly with children at St. John the Baptist Catholic Montessori School must complete the Essential Three:

Essential 3 Requirements

  1. SJB Volunteer application
  2. VIRTUS completion (www.virtusonline.org) – Provided online, approximately 3 hours to complete
    • Background check upon completion of training
    • Sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct (when training completed)

These procedures are in place for the safety and protection of all our children. We acknowledge that there are many pieces our volunteers need to complete. Thank you for your diligence!

Volunteer Opportunities

Submit Your Volunteer Application HERE!

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