Bertha Dannemiller

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Lower Elementary Montessori Assistant & Long-Term Substitute

Bertha Dannemiller (Ms. Bert), a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in organization development, has transitioned into a new chapter after retirement with a heartfelt focus on contributing to the well-bring and growth of the younger generation. With a robust background in change management, assessment, and training, Bert is now applying her skills in a different arena. Embracing the role of a Lower Elementary Assistant, she brings a unique blend of expertise and compassion to foster an enriching educational experience for children.

Throughout her extensive career, Bert has honed her abilities in employee and group assessment, training and development, and change management. Her tenure as a Senior Manager of Organization Development at Sappi Fine Paper showcased her proficiency in improving organizational performance while prioritizing employee well-being and resilience. With a keen understanding of organizational dynamics and a B.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Augsburg College, she is well-equipped to create a positive and supportive learning environment.

Bert’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through her additional certification is Organization and Systems Development from the Gestalt Center in Cleveland, Ohio. As a Lower Elementary Assistant, she is eager to channel her skills towards nurturing the development and curiosity of young minds, providing them with a solid foundation for future success.

Bert is a lifelong Catholic who continuously seeks new learning challenges. She and her husband live in Minnetonka and each has taken roles in retirement to contribute to the education of the next generation.

She loves to sew, bake, read, and recently learned to play the piano (enough to play a simple Christmas carol)-a childhood dream come true after retirement.

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