Rose Ann Erickson


Children’s House Casa 1 Guide

This is Ms. Rose Ann’s fifth year at St. John’s with the Children’s House Community. This is her third year as the Casa 1 Guide. Ms. Rose Ann attended training this past summer on site through Virginia Montessori Teacher Education Center. She was born and raised in Michigan, but grew up visiting cousins and friends in Minnesota. After high school, she attended Eastern Michigan University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts for Elementary Education. Her areas of focus were Mathematics and Reading. She moved to the area in 2016 as an opportunity for personal growth. Minnesota is a place to call home because both faith and family are here. She spent two years nannying and was introduced to St. John’s through her nanny family. When the door was opened to be an assistant in Casa 1, she was confident that this was the professional community she was meant to be a part of. She is thankful for her training experience that was needed to be the Casa 1 Guide. In her spare time, Rose Ann enjoys painting, hiking, cooking, and puzzles! She is excited to continue her journey at St. John’s.

Favorite Saint: St. Francis of Assisi

Favorite Outside-of-Work Activity: Painting

Favorite Children’s Book: “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Favorite Place in Minnesota: The North Shore or Lake Superior

Qualities Your Favorite Teacher Possessed: Attentive, willingness to listen, personal interest and taking the time to know me

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