Victoria Rivera


Children's House Casa 2 Co-Guide

Victoria grew up near the northern Chicago suburbs, then earned her undergraduate degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. After graduating, she spent a year on mission with NET Ministries traveling the country and evangelizing young people through retreats. Soon after this, Victoria moved to Minnesota in 2019 and began as a Preschool aide at a small Catholic school south  of the Cities. Two years ago she observed at a Children’s House and was enamored with Montessori and the way it upheld the dignity of the child. At the time, she was also taking courses on the Theology of the Body and saw Montessori as a direct application of this teaching. Victoria is currently working on completing her Master’s in Early Childhood Education and AMS certification. She is looking forward to learning from others all things Montessori by being in a fully Montessori environment at St. John’s.

Favorite Saint: Our Lady of Sorrows

Favorite Outside of Work Activities: playing, coaching, or watching sports, reading, puzzles

Favorite Children’s Book: Tikki Tikki Tembo

Favorite Place in Minnesota: Cowling Arboretum 

Qualities your Favorite Teacher Possessed: Generosity, Passion for Life, Pursuit of Excellence

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